JRC-DMS COVID-19 Statement

CAAHEP-accredited diagnostic medical sonography programs are in the process of planning and making decisions on how best to respond to the impact of COVID-19. Since the spread of COVID-19 is continuing, please know the JRC-DMS supports you as you work through this public health crisis. We will work with our programs to help them navigate issues that impact our students.

As academic institutions are in the process of planning and deciding how best to respond we encourage you to refer to these helpful resources for the latest information on coronavirus:

For students in clinicals, decisions made may impact the students’ graduation date. Factors to consider include but are not limited to:

  • Meeting with the Program Advisory Committee and clinical stakeholders to discuss options for continued learning.
  • Utilizing other clinical affiliations that are accepting students
  • Extending the students’ learning
  • Following your local public health authority’s recommendations
  • Following your program’s and institution’s protocols
  • Implementing the academic continuity plan for your institution
  • Meeting your institutional requirements for potentially extended graduation for all students, consulting policies for incompletes, leaves of absence, and student enrollment agreements

If suspended from clinical sites, and no other sites are available, then keep documentation during the disruption and if there are any deviation from requirements for students to graduate then the JRC-DMS Board can evaluate on a case by case basis. Our policy has been (as it was for programs impacted by Hurricane Katrina) to not penalize programs for national situations beyond their control.

If graduation dates are delayed, be prepared to provide to the JRC-DMS with evidence demonstrating which clinical sites and students were directly impacted and the length of the disruption.

We are continuing to monitor the available information on COVID-19, which now changes daily, and will stay in communication with you all as we have more information to share.



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